Who put Jesus on the cross?

Feeling threatened by Jesus, the Jewish

Chief Priests

decide that he must die.

They find their chance when one of Jesus' disciples

Judas Iscariot

offers to betray him.

When Jesus is arrested, his disciples, including


all abandon him, leaving him to face a sham trial alone.

Outside, with

The Crowd

demanding, "Crucify him!"

The Roman governor

Pontius Pilate

gives the orders to have an innocent man crucified.

Pause & Reflect

In what ways are you very different on the inside compared to what you present on the outside?

What are the religious deeds you engage in that blind you to what's in your heart?  

What do Jesus' words reveal about what's in your heart?

Pause & Reflect

How can a man remain so untouched and hardened after walking with Jesus for 3 years?

Reflect over your journey with Jesus up to now.  What are the parts of your life/heart that remain unaffected by Jesus?

Can you relate to the indifference in Judas’ heart?

Pause & Reflect

In what ways have you ever denied Jesus to save yourself?

In what ways have you ever followed Jesus from a safe distance?

What are some examples of promises you have failed to keep? Are there times when you chose to preserve yourself?

Pause & Reflect

What unmet expectations have you had for a Savior?

Have you ever welcomed Jesus in one part of your life, but said "Away with him" in another part?

Pause & Reflect

How do you respond when faced with the pressures of practicality?

What’s been your response to Jesus’ voice of truth?

In what ways have you also refused to take responsibility for your own decisions?

What did you experience from the Passion characters?
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